Fancy Barn-yard chick

Fancy Barn-yard chick


8/29/2020- Our hens have gone broody, so that's a wrap, folks! We are closed until early next spring. Please return back to pre-order your Spring 2021 chicks in February '21! Thanks for an amazing year!!!! 

This isn't your average chick, and these will be gorgeous birds! Our layer flock consists of 2 rare breed Silver Laced Orpington Roosters (all docile, easy to manage, and super friendly), and our hens are rare breed Gold Laced Orpingtons, Black Australorps, and White Leg Horn hens. All of our hens are fantastic layers, very friendly (and entertaining) personalities, and cold hardy. Chicks can be excellent pets, meat birds, or layer stock. Chicks shipped on a first come, first serve basis. See product information for minimum ship requirements. 

Feel free to message us with any questions! 

Thank you!!! 

  • We ship chicks by USPS Priority Express 1 Day, which translate to 1-2 business days. Tracking will be provided, but not guaranteed if USPS does not update it. 

    We are not shipping to California, Alaska, or Hawaii, or outside of the US, at this time. 

    There is a $60 rate shipping fee, which includes all shipping materials, heat pads (if needed), and Gro-gel. Any local pick-up will be refunded the shipping charge upon local delivery. 

    Once the chicks are received by the post office, we have no control over the handling of the chicks. There will be a LIVE CHICK sticker on the outside of the box to indicate that gentle handling is required. 

    We highly recommend that you ship your chicks directly to your local post office (not your residential address) if they are capable of holding the chicks for you. Please contact them to ensure that this is an option. and include that ship address in your order notes. Please notify your post office when you receive a shipping confirmation from me that you will be receiving live chicks within 1-2 days, and to contact you when they arrive. It is the buyers responsibility to pick up the chicks from the post office as soon as possible to ensure healthy chicks. 

    Please take a camera with you to pick up your chicks. In the event of a loss, take a photo of the chick and the box and email immediately (within 12 hours) to See our Refund Policy for further information. 

    Thank you so much! Grace Haven Farm 


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