NPIP #52-431 

We are a NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) certified clean farm ensuring that your hatching eggs and chicks are Avian Influenza and Salmonella Pullorum free. We take extra precautions to ensure that our flocks are healthy, and our farm is biosecure.

All of our SLO flock are fed a high quality non-GMO USDA Organic feed, with herbs, essential oils, and omega 3's. They have been naturally raised with no antibiotic use. We will only use antibiotics in an emergency to save a life, if humanely possible. 

See below for more information on these beautiful birds. 


ABOUT Grace Haven Farm chicks

We raise and sell a very special rare breed of Silver Laced Orpington chicks. We found high quality SLO chicks are few and far between in the US. Our flock is out of the Greenfire and Ewe Crazy lines. We selectively breed for a black and crisp white lacing, which is the rarest color variety. This very large & striking breed is English, with a robust body type and beautiful plummage. Both Hens and Roos are very docile, calm, and easy to manage. An SLO hen lays approximately 150-180 light to medium brown large eggs a year. They are used for both eggs and meat production. Very cold hardy. 

We also a unique mixed breed chick that was wildly popular last year. We used a pure SLO Rooster with a small flock of hens that are pure Black Australorp, pure Gold Laced Orpington, and pure Leghorns. The chicks from this combination are strikingly beautiful, combined with great genetics from their great parents. They should have wonderful dispositions, environmentally hardy, and excellent egg layers. See our products page for photos of these mixed chicks sent to us by our customers! 



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