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NPIP #52-431 

We are a NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) certified clean farm ensuring that your hatching eggs and chicks are Avian Influenza and Salmonella Pullorum free. We take extra precautions to ensure that our flocks are healthy, and our farm is biosecure.


About Grace Haven Farm chicks

We raise and sell a very special rare breed called the English Silver Laced Orpingtons. Originally created by British Master breeder, Bob Follows, they are not yet recognized by the APA, but are show stoppers for backyard flocks. I found that truly high quality ESLO chicks are few and far between in the US, so our primary goal was to develop a rigorous breeding program that provides our customers with the highest quality English Silver Laced Orpington's available. Our original flock is out of both the original Greenfire and Ewe Crazy lines. With the groundwork laid with excellent genetics and breed stock, we are creating our own top quality line of English Silver Laced Orpington and cannot be more excited.


Our chicks are sired by our pure breed ESLO Roosters, with their strikingly white hackles, which complements their gorgeous black and white lacing on their back & tail feathers. We have added several stunning cockerels to the breeding coop this year to add vigor to our breeding line. We selectively breed for a black and crisp white lacing, which is the rarest color variety. This very large & striking breed is English, with a robust body type and beautiful plumage. 

Both Hens and Roos are very docile and easy to manage. A ESLO hen lays approximately 150-180 light to medium brown large eggs a year. They are used for both eggs and meat production. Very cold hardy. Wonderful with children, and easier to integrate into existing flocks because of their calm demeanor. 

For several years, I have been perfecting our own line of mixed breed chicks. The resulting monochromatic chicks have gorgeous patterning, with some silver or iridescent spillage. Most will have either muffs, beards, and feathered legs. As with our other flocks, both parents have excellent genetics and dispositions. The hens are prolific layers of colored and speckled eggs.

To date, we have had no (known) losses in our flocks to a communicable chicken disease. We know we are not immune, so their health is the utmost priority. We do not vaccinate our chicks. They will be started on medicated chick starter to help prevent Coccidiosis, and kelp to provide them with an initial immune boost. All of our chickens are fed a holistic diet consisting of a high quality layer feed, and supplemented with herbs and essential oils weekly. They receive the multiple benefits of free ranging when we are on the farm. They are AI and Pullorum clean.

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