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Praise from our customers

One of the unexpected blessings that has come from opening our hatchery is the connections we have made with our customers. We don't just want to sell you chicks. We want your chicks to thrive and we are here to support you with any questions you have throughout your journey with your new chickens. Many of our customers have become a part of our extended farm family. I learned that people who love chickens, and in particular Silver Laced Orpingtons, are a truly special bunch and I am honored that they chose me to be their "crazy chicken lady".

Here is some feedback from a few of our amazing customers! 

"My Journey of 2020, with Tom, Kipper & the ‘Boogies’.

I have wanted chickens since 2009. This was an 11-year tale ending on May 24, 2020.  That’s the day my true journey began as I drove two hours, from Culpeper VA to Staunton to meet Tom, Kipper’s husband, who brought me six chicks, born the day before.

She sent me pictures when they were still damp from hatching, and I sent her pictures of their new home (aka bathtub.)  Here they are, day two, lounging around, having a drink, (fig 2.)

By this time, I was working from home, on my own, with my beautiful ‘boogies’ to keep me company. I have watched them grow, from tiny babies, to knee-high feathered beauties that have kept me sane throughout this Covid-19 isolation. Every step of the way Kipper and Tom have been there, to allay my fears, share my delight, and answer all my questions.

I cannot think of anyone I have met in the past 50 years (I’m 70) that I respect more than Tom & Kipper. God bless them both and all their critters." Caroline C.

"Kipper at Grace Haven Farm has been absolutely perfect to work with! Incredibly helpful during my purchase and great follow up! I have 4 lovely hens and 2 very large roosters (and they are stunning!)
Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!" Lucy P.

"Working with Kipper was nothing short of a great experience. She is so informative and readily available to answer questions, share her experiences, or share cute chicken pictures! She truly cares for all her animals. I was very worried when my postal service was delayed in delivery of my chicks. Thanks to her packaging and careful preparation, all my chicks arrived safely. One year later and I still send her pictures of my beautiful birds! I have had so many compliments on not only how beautiful her Silver Laced Orpingtons are, but also their awesome personalities…or chicken-alities, rather.

She is an open and honest person with quality animals. She doesn’t just sell a product or animal; she becomes a friend in the business. I would certainly recommend her and her farm to anyone!" -Candice J.

"When I was looking to expand my small backyard flock, I knew I wanted to add silver laced orpingtons to our farm not only because of their beautiful feather patterns but because of their calm and laid back demeanor. They are not an easy breed to find and they are often mistaken as wyandottes. Luckily my friend Kipper at Grace Haven Farm raises them and we couldn't have asked for a better experience adding baby chicks to our farm. Kipper helped us every step of the way from how to care for them as babies up to introducing them to our existing flock. If you are looking to add a different breed to your flock, check out Silver laced orpingtons from Grace Haven Farm." -Jennifer W.
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