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for chicks and hatching eggs

Shipping Policy


Customers are responsible for reading our Shipping Policy & Refund Policy prior to ordering.

We are a small batch hatchery, and work on a small scale. We are first come, first serve. Please be prepared to wait for your chicks, and know you will receive only the best from our hatchery. It is our commitment to this breed and to our customers to only sell you true high quality English Silver Laced Orpington chicks and hatching eggs. 

We do not give exact ship dates upon ordering due to:

-ESLO's are slower to come into fertility in the spring

-For the safety of the chicks, we wait until it is warmer to ship

-Potential USPS shipping delays 

Once you order, we will be in communication with you about the soonest availability for shipping your chicks. We appreciate your patience and your business!

Please make sure you read all below information:

Based on availability, we offer chicks and hatching eggs from March-October. We only ship Monday-Tuesday. 

From March-June, we require a 10 chick minimum per order for the safety of your chicks.

There is a maximum of 6 ESLO's per every chick order.

To meet the required minimums, you can include a mix of ESLO chicks and Fancy Barn Mix chicks.

We typically do not ship in July and August due to the heat, however we will do local farm pick ups! 

We ship chicks nationwide to zipcodes with no restrictions. 

We do not currently ship to Alaska and Hawaii. No international shipping at this time.

Orders over 20 chicks will require an additional shipping charge. Each shipping box will include Gro-gel, excelsior pads, and a heat pack, if needed. 

For hatching eggs, one dozen eggs is the maximum per box. Each additional dozen will require a separate shipping box and shipping charge. 

If ordering both hatching eggs and chicks, they will ship separately and will require two separate shipping costs. Thanks for your understanding.

Local farm pick up in our area of Grayson County, VA is our favorite way to get you your chicks and hatching eggs!  

Just choose LOCAL FARM PICK UP when you check out, and email us after you order. We will coordinate a day/time to meet you. 

We ship chicks and hatching eggs by USPS Priority Express 1-2 business days. 

Tracking will be provided, but not guaranteed if USPS does not update it. 

Due to the variability of shipping prices of USPS, please locate your shipping zone:

Choose your appropriate shipping zone group at check out to calculate your shipping costs:

-Zone 1-3

-Zone 4-6

-Zone 7-8

Once the chicks are received by the post office, we have no control over the handling of the chicks and hatching eggs. There will be a LIVE CHICK or a LIVE EMBRYO sticker on the outside of the box to indicate that gentle handling is required. 

We highly recommend that you ship your chicks and hatching eggs directly to your local post office (not your residential address) if they are capable of holding the chicks for you. Please contact them to ensure that this is an option and include your POST OFFICE address in your order notes. Please notify your post office when you receive a shipping confirmation from me that you will be receiving live chicks or hatching eggs within 1-2 days, and to contact you when they arrive. It is the buyers responsibility to pick up the chicks or hatching eggs from the post office as soon as possible. 

Please take a camera with you to pick up your chicks. In the event of a loss, take a photo of the chick and the box and email immediately (within 12 hours) to See our Refund Policy for further information. 

Please review "How to care for your new chicks" under the CHICKS tab.

Questions? Email us at

Thank you so much! Grace Haven Farm 

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Refund Policy

Buyers are responsible for reading our Shipping Policy and Refund Policy prior to ordering.

The health of our chicks is of the utmost importance to us, and so is your satisfaction! Shipping chicks can be risky and we take every precaution in hopes that your chicks will arrive happy and healthy! We guarantee live chicks for the amount you ordered at delivery. Bonus chicks may be shipped with your order based on availability. If you receive a dead chick, please take a photo and contact us immediately (within 12 hours) for a refund for that chick at Inquiries after 12 hours will not be refunded. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

For hatching eggs, we do not send out our hatching eggs until fertility is confirmed, and we take the utmost care in shipping them on our end, but we cannot guarantee a certain percentage for hatch rates. Many variables can effect the success of hatching eggs that we cannot control. From rough handling in shipping, as well as temperature & humidity control, and power outages during incubation. If you have a o% hatch rate, we will refund you 50%. Shipping costs will not be reimbursed. 

Questions? Please email us at

 Thank you so much! Grace Haven Farm

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