Rainbow Flock hatching eggs

Rainbow Flock hatching eggs




With the current delays in USPS shipping, we will not ship our hatching eggs until we can ensure your eggs will get to you in 1-2 business days via Priority Express. 


We have a gorgeous flock of Rainbow Egg Layers consisting of Oliver Eggers, Blue Americanas, Golden Wheaten Marans, French Black Maran, Lavender Marans, Easter Eggers, & Salmon Favorelles. These hens lay through the winter, and are incredibly sweet, as well as cold hardy. These eggs will be fertilized by two of our pure Silver Laced Orpington Roosters. Color pattern and egg color from these 2nd generation chicks will vary. If your looking for unique chicks with great genetics, these are an awesome choice. Every chick will be uniquely beautiful. 


  • One dozen Rainbow eggs. We take every measure to ensure that our eggs are in season prior to shipping, and we ship our eggs with the utmost care, but we can not guarantee hatch rates due to all of the varibles involved in hatching eggs. Thank you! 


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